ARHIVOLTA STUDIO OF ARCHITECTURE is a start-up established within the SMARTER Project-Supporting the Romanian Entrepreneurial Environment through Regional Economic Tactics, MySMIS Code – 82/3/7/106188 Human Capital Operational Program (HCOP) 2014-2020 Priority Axis 3 – Jobs for all Investment priority – Self-employment, entrepreneurship and business start-ups, including micro-enterprises and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises Specific Objective 3.7 – Increase employment by supporting non-agricultural enterprises in urban areas.

The project, which was designed and implemented entirely by us, ranked among the top 5 out of the 400 registered, thus obtaining EU funding.

Even though activity begun in July 2019, the history of the architecture office is much older, the team being led by architect Marius Bortas. With over 10 years working experience in Italy, where he worked in execution and design, collaborating with various prestigious architecture offices, Marius Bortas acquired an international and diverse portfolio, which distinguishes him from his colleagues.

Arhivolta designates an architectural detail, in the form of an arch, which frames an access gap or a portal. This type of element has not only a structural, but also a decorative character. A load-bearing arch, it holds symbolic value, as it was frequently used in classical architecture since Greco-Roman antiquity. It has various connotations, representing either access, communication, quintessence, centering or focusing, among others.


Arhivolta Portofolio